How to bring back deleted pictures on WhatsApp

Deleted photos can be retrieved on WhatsApp. This popular messaging app has come up with a new feature. This feature is easy to use. Learn how to recover deleted photos.

Suppose you accidentally deleted a media file from the WhatsApp folder. Then open the WhatsApp chat from where the message came or was sent. Then hold down the finger on the deleted image. Then your deleted image will return to the photo gallery. However, this whole process is possible only when you use the upgraded version of WhatsApp.

In fact, even after deleting a media file, it is stored on the WhatsApp server for 30 days. And that is why it is possible to get the picture back in 30 days.

If you have completely deleted the conversation of that chat on WhatsApp, but the deleted picture will not be returned.

You can open WhatsApp on your mobile without delay and see if this process of messaging app is working. If not, then you are using the old version.

If so, get a quick WhatsApp update from the Google Play Store. And with the miracle of one finger, the deleted image is returned to the photo gallery.

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