Car Theft: The thief ran away with the car with the sleeping passenger inside, but the last one was not saved

There is a saying ‘when a thief escapes, intelligence grows’! The thief fled in a luxury car with people sleeping inside. After the thief had gone a long way, the car owner realized that the car had been stolen. On the other hand, when the passenger inside wakes up, it is too late. Recently, Findle in the United States witnessed such an amazing event.

Hear the whole story? Recently, Karisma Guajardo and Raylon Scott came to sell their 2012 Audi A4 luxury sedan at a dealership. Scott, 19, was asleep in the car. Then the disaster happened. Justin Vaughn, 32, fled the Audi with the sleeping Scott. Guazardo became aware of the car theft incident.

Guazardo then tracked the car’s location and reported it to police. By then Scott had woken up. He also kept in touch with Guazardo about his current whereabouts. Scott also spoke about the rude behavior of the ‘thief’ pussy. The police can easily guess the exact location of the car.

Police from the concerned local police station chased the car. But the thief refused to accept the rate. He also tried his best to get rid of the police by speeding his car. But last night the master’s beating! After that, the police finally caught the thief with a special device to reduce the speed of the vehicle and rescued the vehicle.

U.S. police have charged the thief with robbery, kidnapping and car theft. He has even been charged with fleeing and running after police. Finally, the place of pussy has become in the prison. Scott, meanwhile, was slightly injured during the incident.

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