TVS: Lotus TVS sold a lot last month compared to January 2021

Since the end of January, the first month of the year, the sales figures of the country’s automobile companies have been coming to the fore. Somewhere, it is seen that a company is ahead in terms of sales last month as compared to January last year, but there are more indications of the opposite happening than that. For example, Indian two-wheeler manufacturer TVS Motor Company. The profit and loss account of the company has been made public this time.

They have seen a significant deficit in business in the first month of this year as compared to January last year. TVS sold a total of 2,6,8 motorcycles, scooters and other vehicles last month. The sales volume in January last year was 3,07,149.

In January 2022, TVS sold 2,54,139 motorbikes and scooters in the domestic and foreign markets. In January 2021, the figure was 2,94,598. The number of two-wheelers sold in the Indian market alone is 1,8,695, up from 2,05,217 in the first month of last year.

Production and sales of premium two-wheelers were also lower than at other times. “We are very hopeful that the situation will improve in the coming days,” the agency said in a statement.

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