Renault: Renault has achieved the feat of selling eight lakh cars in India, a precedent in exports

Renaut has achieved the feat of selling eight lakh cars in the country’s market Within 11 years of its launch in India, the milestone was touched by the Indian branch of the French multinational Renault. The popularity of the Quid and Triber models has boosted Renault’s sales chart, just as the Renault has strengthened its position in the country by relying on Duster model SUVs.

Renault Duster was launched in India in 2012 Although very popular at the time, the Duster later lost its relevance as it could not compete with its competitors in the mid-size SUV market. However, the growing popularity of Quid and Tribe did not allow Renault to lose out on the competition. Provides continuous oxygen 6

Note that in 2015, Renault Quid 7 debuted in the Indian market And last year the sales of the small car exceeded four lakhs And here the path of Renault Tribe started in 2019 At present, the sales of this Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) are around one and a half million.

“We are overwhelmed,” said Venkatram Mamillapallahe, managing director and chief executive officer of Renault’s Indian branch, over the milestone of selling 600,000 vehicles. It owes a great deal to all the company’s employees, dealers, suppliers, manufacturing and engineering teams. He also thanked the customers for their trust and confidence in Renault’s car. “

Renault has recently set a new precedent in exporting cars from India to different parts of the world . Over the past decade, they have exported over 100,000 vehicles to the SAARC, Asia-Pacific, Indian Ocean region, South Africa and East Africa. According to Renault, this milestone touch is very significant in their ‘Make in India’ journey. Because, it demonstrates the capability of India’s design, construction, and engineering skills

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